2022 Korea Fintech Week to be Held in SeptemberJun 20, 2022

The FSC announced that the 2022 Korea Fintech Week, a global fintech exhibition, will be held from September 28 to 30 this year in cooperation with relevant institutions.

With the availability of both offline and online participation, the Korea Fintech Week will help accelerate innovation in the fintech industry.


(Offline)  Three days of fintech IR events, investor consultation, job mentoring, fintech-themed seminars will help with investment promotion and employment opportunities.

(Online)  Exhibition halls, learning programs, experience programs and seminars will be operated online through metaverse.


For participation in exhibition halls, idea contest, IR competition and investment consultation, please see detailed information below.


Overview of 2022 Korea Fintech Week


(Theme)  “Fintech, Tearing Down Barriers in Finance”


The 2022 Korea Fintech Week will be operated so as to help expand and replicate the innovation and growth of the fintech industry in close cooperation with relevant institutions.


(Program)  Offline and online events will be held simultaneously.


a) (Offline)  The 2022 Korea Fintech Week will provide a variety of venues for fintech firms, investors, relevant institutions and the public to come together through seminars, consultations, exhibitions and other standing programs.


- (Opening Ceremony)  Sharing outcomes of the fintech policy and presenting policy direction for innovation.

- (Seminar)  Seminars organized around specific fintech areas such as blockchain, data, etc.

- (Investment)  Providing opportunities for fintechs to attract investment through fintech IR, investment consultation, etc.

- (Exhibition Halls)  Introducing fintech services launched by fintech businesses and financial institutions.

- (Programs for Participation)  Providing an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs to pitch ideas about fintech business models through idea contest and mentoring and giving fintech jobseekers a chance to have consultation.


b) (Online)  Various online programs will be made available with more variety compared to the previous years.


- (Video Streaming of Offline Event)  Video streaming of offline events such as the opening ceremony and seminars will be provided

- (Online Exhibition Halls)  Digital content produced by fintech firms and financial institutions will be posted.

- (Online Learning Program)  Educational programs on fintech will be offered with certificate of completion.

  - (Online Experience Program)  Online experience programs will be prepared to enable visitors to gain either direct or indirect experience with fintech services.

Daily Program Schedule (tentative)

[Day 1]  Understanding current situation of the fintech industry and forecasting its future through presentations on global fintech industry trend, the future of innovative finance and consumer protection, etc.


a) Keynote speeches by global fintech leaders and presentation on success stories

Sharing global trends in fintech and successful fintech collaboration cases → Financial authorities and global companies will deliver speeches and fintech businesses will present successful collaboration stories.


b) Policy information session

Discussing future direction of development and gathering opinions from participants → Presentations will be made on the outcome of policy promoting fintech innovation and direction of development in the future.


c) Fintech business seminar for overseas business expansion

Presenting global fintech industry policies and their significance for scale-up strategies and overseas business expansion → Seminar will introduce global fintech industry policies and share information about scale-up and overseas business expansion for domestic fintech firms.


d) Seminar on the future of innovative finance and consumer protection in digital era

Presenting issues, such as the future of innovative finance and consumer protection amid the development and change in digital finance, and making a case for a greater use of fintech services in embedded insurance, inclusive finance, etc. → Seminar will share information about fintech industry’s development and change as well as diverse cases and discuss related issues and solutions with an expert panel.


[Day 2]  Providing assistance to fintech businesses through investment opportunities, networking meet-up, etc.


a) Fintech business IR

Providing a venue for fintech businesses and domestic and foreign investors to come together for investment opportunities → Fintech firms will have IR opportunities with domestic and foreign venture capital firms and financial institutions participating.


b) Networking meet-up

Providing a venue for exchange by having a time for networking → Fintech businesses, financial institutions and investors will have opportunities to work on mutual cooperation.


c) Fintech-themed seminars

Sharing fintech industry trends through theme-based seminars → Domestic and foreign experts will be invited to share latest information in the fintech industry and to boost interest and awareness.


d) Fintech experience event

Providing learning experience for financial common sense and relevant technology that can be put to use in daily activities → Participants can have indirect experience of phishing scam and learn about the availability of a phishing prevention app and relevant technology for preventing electronic financial frauds.



[Day 3]  Facilitating fintech businesses to scale up through new fintech idea pitch and investment consultation and offering fintech job experience programs for jobseekers and the general public.


a) Fintech idea contest and investment consultation

Facilitating fintech businesses to scale up through a fintech idea pitch program for startups, college students and jobseekers and provision of investment consultation → Fintech firms will have opportunities to find new business models through this fintech idea contest and attract investment.


b) Fintech learning program and employment mentoring


Enhancing financial literacy and capability of teenagers and parents with school children and offering jobseekers an opportunity to explore a career in finance → A musical on finance will present financial knowledge and introduce diverse jobs in finance and the employment mentoring program will offer job consulting for financial sectors.

Application for Participation and Preregistration


[Application for Participation]


a) Exhibition Hall

- Availability

 (Offline)  Fintech experience halls (9), Fintech theme halls (about 30), Financial fintech halls (about 10)

 (Online)  About 100 Fintech Halls, Financial Fintech Halls, Global Halls in total

- How to apply

a) Access the fintech portal website (https://fintech.or.kr)

b) Go to “Fintech experience platform” → “Korea Fintech Week” → “Apply for exhibition booth” and submit application (※ Application form available in Korean version of press release, Reference #1, #2)

- Important dates

 (Application period)  From Wednesday, June 22 until 18:00 (KST), Wednesday, July 13, 2022

 (Result announcement)  Friday, July 29, 2022  /  Fintech portal website

b) Fintech Idea Contest

- Availability: About 16 teams in total

- How to apply 

 a) Access the fintech portal website (https://fintech.or.kr)

 b) Go to “Fintech experience platform” → “Korea Fintech Week” → “Apply for fintech idea contest” and submit application (※ Application form available in Korean version of press release, Reference #3, #4)

- Important Dates

 (Application period)  From Wednesday, June 22 until 18:00 (KST), Wednesday, August 3, 2022

 (Application result announcement)  Wednesday, August 31, 2022  /  Fintech portal website

 (Result announcement & award ceremony)  Friday, September 30, 2022  /  Lotte Hotel Seoul (tentative)

c) Fintech IR Competition & Investment Consultation

- Availability: About 6 teams in total (IR competition)  /  About 50 businesses (investment consultation)

- How to apply

 a) Access the fintech portal website (https://fintech.or.kr)

 b) Go to “Public announcement” → “Notice” → “IR competition and investment consultation” and submit application via email (fininvestment@fintech.or.kr) 

 (※ Application form available on the fintech portal website)

- Important Dates

 (Application period)  From Monday, July 4 until 18:00 (KST), Friday, July 29, 2022

 (Application result announcement)  Friday, September 2, 2022  /  Fintech portal website

 (Result announcement & award ceremony)  Thursday, September 29, 2022 (IR competition)  /  Friday, September 30, 2022 (investment consultation) at Lotte Hotel Seoul (tentative)



General visitors can participate at free of cost and without application, but certain programs require preregistration which will be made available online from August 31 at www.fintechweek.or.kr/2022.


Group visitors (100 individuals or more) to the Korea Fintech Week, such as schools and businesses, can participate after applying and registering with the Fintech Center Korea (+82.2.6375.1541 or 1543).


For Information and Inquiry


Information and inquiry about exhibition halls, idea contest, fintech IR competition and investment consultation is available from the following institutions.


For application for exhibition halls and idea contest, please contact Fintech Center Korea at +82.2.6375.1543 (or 1546) / fintechweek@fintech.or.kr.


For application for IR contest and investment consultation, please contact Korea Growth Investment Corporation at +82.2.2090.9129 / hsyoo@kgrowth.or.kr.


For general information such as inquiry about group participation, please call +82.2.6375.1541 (or 1543).

* Please refer to the attached PDF for details.