2021 Korea Fintech Week Brings About Tangible Outcome for Fintech AdvancementJun 24, 2021

The 2021 Korea Fintech Week has attracted about 250,000 online visitors so far since its opening on May 26. The offline to online availability of diverse opportunities for exhibition, education, investment and employment has provided important venues for fintechs, financial companies, relevant institutions and individuals seeking jobs in the industry.


Through offline IR events and virtual meetings, 29 fintechs were able to attract investments in the amount of about KRW133.7 billion.


A total of 54 fintechs, financial companies and relevant institutions participated in the online job fair through which up to 175 individuals will be given job opportunities in fintech or finance sectors.


In this year’s event, 39 foreign-based fintechs, financial companies and investors from 13 different countries participated in online exhibitions, which provided opportunities for global cooperation and overseas expansion.


The Korea Fintech Week also featured many expert speakers providing latest trends in the global fintech industry and relevant policy issues.

* Please refer to the attached PDF for details.

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