• Financial Public Data Office

Spokesperson's Office

Seo Jung A
  • Promote FSC’s policy to the public and media
  • Oversee overall communication strategies
  • Coordinate policy announcements and media riefings

Planning & Coordination Bureau

Yoo Jae-hoon
Director General for Planning & Coordination
  • Coordinate policy agenda and work plans
  • Manage and implement FSC’s budget
  • Oversee regulatory reforms and amendments
  • Handle legislative and parliamentary liaison affairs

Capital Market Investigation Unit

Director for Capital Market Investigation
  • Plan and coordinate investigation of unfair capital market practices and frauds
  • Analyze and classify cases referred by KRX’s Market Oversight Commission
  • Cooperate with relevant authorities at home and abroad on investigation of unfair capital market practices

Financial Consumer Bureau

Park Kwang
Director General for Financial Consumer
  • Plan and oversee development of consumer protection policy
  • Develop and coordinate microfinance programs and policy for financially vulnerable groups
  • Manage dispute resolution cases for financial consumers
  • Oversee policy of financial support to facilitate the development of social economy

Financial Policy Bureau

Lee Se-Hoon
Director General for Financial Policy
  • Plan and oversee financial policy initiatives
  • Draw financial market analyses and policy responses
  • Develop policy for SME and corporate financing
  • Oversee policy development and implementation on financial hub

Financial Industry Bureau

Kwon Dae Young
Director General for Financial Industry
  • Draw policy on banking and insurance industries, mutual banks, specialized credit financial businesses and credit unions
  • Formulate policy to promote Korea’s banking and insurance industries abroad
  • Oversee supervision of foreign banks in Korea

Capital Markets Bureau

Rhee Yunsu
Director General for Capital Markets
  • Formulate policy to improve capital markets
  • Oversee and supervise asset management businesses
  • Analyze securities and derivatives markets and establish relevant policies
  • Draw policy on external audit and corporate accounting systems

Financial & Corporate Restructuring Bureau

Shin Jin-Chang
Director General for Financial & Corporate Restructuring
  • Oversee policy on green financing and credit guarantee system
  • Formulate policy on corporate restructuring and assessment of credit risks
  • Handle policy to privatize publicly owned banks
  • Develop strategy on structural improvement of the financial industry

Financial Innovation Bureau

Lee Hyung Ju
Director General for Financial Innovation
  • Formulate policy on financial innovation and fintech industry
  • Establish policy on financial information security and data protection
  • Oversee policy on the use of data in the financial industry

Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU)

Kim Jeong-Kag
Commissioner for Korea Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Oversee and implement Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regime in Korea
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) and Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) filed by financial institutions
  • Cooperate with other countries for an effective AML/CFT regime as a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering and the Egmont Group

Financial Group Regulation Bureau

Choi Yong-ho
Director General for Financial Group Regulation
  • Formulate policy on supervision of financial conglomerates
  • Oversee policy to improve the ownership and governance structure of financial conglomerates
  • Handle risk management issues of financial conglomerates

Financial Stability Bureau

Ahn Chang-kuk
Director General for Financial Stability
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of economic and financial crisis response measures and conduct relevant site inspections
  • Formulate financial policies in preparation for contingency situations in the economy and financial markets
  • Analyze risk factors in the financial markets and oversee policymaking to mitigate risk factors