Authorities decide to extend the period of operating market stabilization programs and eased financial regulationsNov 23, 2023

Vice Chairman Kim So-young of the Financial Services Commission presided over a meeting with officials from the Financial Supervisory Service, Korea Development Bank, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and other market experts on November 23 to check condition of the current bond and short-term money markets and discuss plans for various market stabilization programs and eased regulatory measures. At the meeting, the authorities decided to extend the period of operating the bond market and short-term money market stabilization programs for one year considering the possibility of abrupt changes in market situations. The authorities also extended the period of operating eased regulatory measures for financial institutions until the end of June 2024. In his remarks, Vice Chairman Kim So-young said that it may take some time to sufficiently get behind the risks built up during the low interest rate and abundant liquidity period, and that the authorities will continue to stay alert and maintain an adequate response system to ensure market stabilization.