FSC Vice Chairman to Visit Singapore and Thailand to Promote Overseas Expansion of Korean Financial IndustryFeb 26, 2024

Vice Chairman Kim Soyoung of the Financial Services Commission will travel to Singapore and Thailand on February 26 to 29 to promote overseas expansion of domestic financial industry.


Since launching an organization (Financial Industry Globalization Taskforce) in charge of overseeing global expansion of Korea’s financial services in March last year, the FSC has been making efforts to boost global exchanges with aims to export domestic financial services. Vice Chairman Kim’s overseas trip this time will be the third of its kind since last year’s trips to Central Asia and Southeast Asia, and he plans to actively support overseas expansion of domestic financial sector and attract investment.


During the visit to Singapore, one of the important global financial hubs, Vice Chairman Kim along with officials from the Korea Exchange and Korea Securities Depository will hold a roundtable meeting with major institutional investors from overseas and explain about the Korean government’s efforts to upgrade capital market regulations. At this roundtable meeting, the Vice Chairman will discuss in detail key points about the Corporate Value-up Program, which has gained significant interest from investors at home and abroad. In Singapore, Vice Chairman Kim will also attend a memorandum of understanding signing event between the banking industry associations of both countries to deliver congratulatory remarks on vibrant exchanges taking place between the two organizations.


During his visit to Thailand, Vice Chairman Kim will meet with the heads of the Bank of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand and hold talks on developing mutually constructive and friendly relationship between the two countries. In addition, Vice Chairman Kim plans to meet with Korean companies doing business in Thailand to listen to their needs and challenges in doing business there.


Vice Chairman Kim’s visit to Singapore will be very meaningful this time as it will provide an opportunity to accurately explain relevant policies to investors to help to boost investors’ interest in the Korean government’s capital market reform efforts at a time when relevant policies are being pursued actively. Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Kim’s visit to Thailand will serve favorably in assisting Korean financial companies’ business expansion to Thailand in the future.

* Please refer to the attached PDF for details.