2023 Korea Fintech Week Scheduled to be Held from August 30 to September 1Jun 12, 2023

The annual global fintech expo, 2023 Korea Fintech Week, is scheduled to be held from Wednesday, August 30 to Friday, September 1 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul this year.


The 2023 Korea Fintech Week will be held on the theme of “the new wave of fintech,” providing a venue for fintech businesses, financial companies, big tech platforms and investors to come together to share some of the latest fintech trends, pitch innovative business models and promote investment in the fintech industry. A variety of programs including fintech exhibitions, theme-based seminars and events for first-hand fintech experience will be available for participants.


In order to actively support domestic fintech firms’ business expansion in overseas markets, this year’s Korea Fintech Week will have an expanded size of “global hall” to promote participation by many investors, accelerators and venture capitalists from many different countries. In addition, a “collaboration hall” will be newly set up for operation this year to encourage participation by the entire domestic fintech ecosystem including local government bodies, relevant organizations and universities.


Also, a variety of helpful programs and events including a “global fintech talk with a foreign influencer,” fintech idea contest, finance-themed musical and fintech job mentoring and career consulting will be available to help visitors to learn about various fintech services and trends in an easy and fun way.


It is expected that the 2023 Korea Fintech Week will provide vast opportunities to expand and reinvigorate Korea’s fintech ecosystem.

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