Authorities to Strengthen Financial Education Programs for Digital EraDec 21, 2021

The FSC held this year’s second financial education council meeting chaired by Vice Chairman Doh Kyu-sang on December 21 and discussed ways to improve financial education programs for a digital era.


The measures for strengthening the financial education programs for 2022 are aimed at addressing the problem of a digital divide and boosting financial consumers’ capabilities for and awareness in using financial services via digital channels. The measures are also aimed at providing targeted supports for different age-specific groups for a complete guide on one’s life cycle of using financial services.


To this end, the authorities will work to diversify the ways in which financial education programs are delivered, for instance, through the metaverse and other digital contents and interactive channels. The authorities will also work to strengthen financial education programs in school curriculum while bolstering the council’s organizational capacity by promoting more participation from private sector experts and improving networks with local financial educators in different regions.


The authorities will work to ensure effective implementation of specific measures in close coordination with the other relevant ministries and institutions.



* Please refer to the attached PDF for details.