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15 Does the Korean government still plan to introduce hedge funds this year as it announced earlier?
14 Critics say that complicated credit derivatives like credit default swaps played a significant role in exacerbating the current global financial crisis. Please comment on the trading volume and the level of risk in the Korean derivatives market.
13 Some investors are voicing concerns that a prolonged global financial crisis may hamper the soundness and stability of Korean banks. Please elaborate on this.
12 What countermeasures does the Korean government have to address the credit crunch caused by the money injected by the central bank coming back to the central bank through banks?
11 Is the Bond Market Stabilization Fund sufficient to ease concerns about the liquidity crunch in bond markets? And why?
10 What is the current foreign currency liquidity status of Korean financial institutions and its outlook?
9 Please tell us about the security of SME loans.
8 How do you judge the stability of mortgages and other household debts?
7 PF loans
6 What corporate restructuring plans does the Korean government have?
5 Is the Korean government going ahead with the plan to privatize Korea Development Bank? If so, will there be government guarantee of payment of KDB's new external debt?
4 Is is desirable to pursue deregulation at a time when people are arguing that the latest financial crisis in the US was triggered by reckless deregulation?
3 There are concerns about possible deterioration of fiscal balance and national debt level caused by the economic stimulus package. Can you comment on that?
2 What is your estimation of Korea
1 The Korean government and the Bank of Korea forecast Korea will record a current account surplus for 2009, which is wildly different from the forecasts given by foreign institutions. How large do you expect the surplus to be and on what grounds?
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