Contact FSC

Korea¡¯s Financial Services Commission has launched Foreign Press and Relations team to facilitate public access and information dissemination. If you have any questions or difficulty locating information about the FSC¡¯s acivities, please contact us.

The Foreign Press & Relations team¡¯s responsibilities cover following areas:

  • - To provide global press and media with briefing on FSC's current policies and measures
    - To update, monitor, and analyze key foreign press coverage and take appropriate steps when deemed necessary
    - To promote clear understanding of foreign press and media by providing background information behind press
       releases and key policy issues
    - To promote and foster active interaction with foreign press communities
    - To relate feedbacks from foreign press and media to FSC for policy reflection
    - To support FSC's overseas IR activities

For any inquiry, please contact the Foreign Press & Relation Team:

Tel : +82-2-2156-9585   l