FSC Logo

The logo represents the image of Korean financial industry as a rising sun among global financial players. It also reflects the Financial Services Commission's most essential mission which is to achieve balance and perfection in financial supervision while shedding a guiding light.

First, the FSC logo is simple in design. The sphere in the center represents the globalized financial environment.The encircling light beam from behind the globe depicts the core mission of the FSC: to bring the financial industry forward. The big circle around the globe symbolizes balance and perfection while the light beam, guidance and direction.

Caution:The FSC logo shall be used without modification in appropriate manners. The logo may be reproduced for printed materials and computer images, but any reproduction of the logo must remain true to the origin in terms of the size, shape, and colors.

Circle: a white to brown graduation (Pantone 139 C) Light beam: 50% brown (Pantone 139 C)