Jeong Chan-woo Vice Chairman, Financial Services Commission Chairman, Securities and Futures Commission
Welcome to the Financial Services Commission website.

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) is taking a leading role in establishing an advanced financial environment and opening up a new era of hope under the motto of 'Creative Finance, Financial Inclusion and Solid Financial System.'

Based on a stable financial market, we are working towards creating an innovative financial environment for corporations, which ultimately supports creative economy.

The FSC also endeavors to bring positive change and innovation throughout all sectors of finance. Such efforts include lessening financial burden of low-income households, strengthening consumer protection, and establishing sound order in financial transactions.

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) is a supervisory organization of Korea's capital markets, which is responsible for unfair trading activities, corporate accounting standards and financial audit. We are exerting our utmost efforts to establish transparent and fair trade order as well as to protect investors.

Particularly, the SFC's role in achieving sound growth of capital market has become ever more important as it strengthened inspection and regulation functions as a means to eradicate unfair practices such as stock price manipulation.

The FSC will make continuous efforts to provide businesses and investors with a more advanced market environment in which all market participants faithfully fulfil their role and responsibility. We expect Korea's capital markets to further develop into a fair and transparent market with global competitiveness and investors' trust.

We ask for your support to our efforts in making a financial environment which lights a beacon of hope to Korea's financial market, industry, and the people.

We hope that our website will serve as an effective channel for you to access to accurate and timely information regarding Korea's financial policy.

Thank you very much.

Jeong Chan-woo
Vice Chairman, Financial Services Commission
Chairman, Securities and Futures Commission