Shin Je-yoon Chairman, Financial Services Commission
Welcome to the Financial Services Commission.

Korea¡¯s economy has grown rapidly for last 60 years with strong support from the financial industry. The resilience of Korea¡¯s financial system has become a model for the rest of the world during the global financial crisis.

Korea is now faced with new challenges. Externally, there is ongoing uncertainty in the global economy. Domestically, we have to deal with urgent issues such as rapidly aging population, low growth, and growing demand for greater social responsibility of the financial industry.

The FSC will work towards ¡°Solid and Secured Finance¡± resilient against crises on our top priority and put our endeavor in building a solid foundation for financial market stability.

We will pursue ¡°Creative Finance¡± to make Korea¡¯s economy more creative and vibrant by further advancing the way finance supports the real economy.

The FSC will be committed to ensuring ¡°Financial Inclusion¡± by improving financial access for socially-marginalized individuals including low-income household and addressing unfair practices in the financial industry. We will make our effort to ensure the financial industry and financial consumers become mutually beneficial within the framework of check and balance and grow together in accordance with laws and principles.

We expect continuous support from you.

Thank you very much.

Shin Je-yoon
Chairman, Financial Services Commission